• “When I first came to Pacific Spirit Pilates, I was limping and in pain. I was taking pain killers to sleep because of osteoarthritis. After about 6 weeks of Pilates private equipment sessions, I have no pain and I don't limp. I have not taken pain killers in a long time. I sleep all night without awakening. I enjoy walking now because it doesn't hurt and I am able to walk further. My daughter tells me I am taller [because my knees are no longer bent]. I can now sit without my knees aching. This is especially nice on a long flight.”–Janet Sinclair

  • "I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 7 years ago and have been going to Yvonne for the last 4 years. I can honestly say that I feel better today than when I started and believe that the rigorous Pilates program that Yvonne developed for me has played a significant part. She has always been very diligent in researching Pilates exercises specific to my condition and working with me to build up muscle strength and coordination. She has been very accommodating in fitting me in with my ever changing schedule and it is always a pleasure to attend a class."–Jeremy Haile

  • “Pacific Spirit Pilates has truly changed the way I view Pilates rehabilitation and exercise. A few months ago, I was in a Motor Vehicle Accident. From this, my injuries were both muscular and neurological, including numbness in the hands. Along with these injuries, I was also getting headaches constantly. I have found Yvonne Bray to be extremely educated in Pilates! She took the time to assess my gait, and local concerns. She found the right exercises that helped to strengthen both the weak and inflamed muscles in my body. I no longer have constant headaches, and the pain in my body is improving immensely! I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to receive relief after an injury!” Thank-you! –Julie Shillabeer R. Ac., Registered Acupuncturist[/testimonial]
  • “For the past month I have been training in Pilates with Yvonne Bray from Pacific Spirit Pilates. From knowing nothing at all, Yvonne has shown me the right technique for all of the movements. We have been focusing on core strength and slowly working to correct my bad posture and shoulder problems. I have been attending twice a week and have also been following up with recommended stretches and exercises between visits. I am noticing good results and the sessions are very relaxing as well. Pacific Spirit Pilates is in a great location on Granville Street and the studio is very nicely finished. Yvonne is very knowledgeable and a good teacher. Thanks Yvonne for your help!” –Scott Haile

  • “I am a retired Physician from the UK who has recently moved to settle in Vancouver. Late 2011 I suffered severe back pain and had a slipped disc, requiring removal and a spinal fusion. I was left with a degree of nerve damage and weakness in my right leg preventing me from pursuing the sports I enjoyed, and even stopped me getting about without a limp. I was pretty miserable about future prospects but, undaunted, my wife found several Pilates studios on-line. We were particularly attracted to Yvonne Bray at the Pacific Spirit Pilates Website and her articles which advocated a clinical approach to therapy. There were numerous sessions available catering for those with such issues as sports-related musculo-sketetal problems and postural-related pain, and Yvonne also had private and group sessions catering for the more senior clients. I was scepitical at first but the personal approach and clinical understanding of my particular issues were obvious. After only a few sessions I felt I was making progress and was soon walking better and with more muscular control. After six weeks I was starting to jog again and things looked promising. A trip back to the UK and several weeks without my Pilates left me nearly back at square one and it wasn't until I returned to Vancouver and recommenced my regular sessions that I regained my original progress. I'm obviously in this for the long haul but there is no doubt I shall continue with my Pilates with Yvonne, improve my muscle and core control and enjoy my time in Vancouver. I highly recommend the clinical approach and enthusiastic treatment given by Yvonne Bray at Pacific Spirit Pilates.” –Jonathan Freeman, Physician

  • “Since I started taking Pilates with Yvonne at Pacific Spirit Pilates I am very pleased with the progress I have made. The improvements have not only been noticed by me, my physiotherapist and massage therapist have also commented on my posture and muscle strength. I no longer have sciatic pain. Yvonne is a pleasure to work with and is a very caring person who is very dedicated to her clients. She takes the time to explain how the body heals and the importance of Pilates done correctly can help with areas of pain. I thoroughly enjoy each session and I highly recommend Yvonne as a Pilates specialist.” –Margaret

  • “I experienced a wonderful Pilates class with Yvonne Bray at Pacific Spirit Pilates. Her studio is beautiful, overlooking South Granville, and provides a calming, therapeutic ambiance. Yvonne thoroughly explained information regarding Pilates, the body, injury, rehabilitation, and posture. Not only did I get a great workout, I left understanding the education around Pilates. Yvonne is a wealth of knowledge! She also makes sure she understands and assesses your level and issues and makes her class fit your needs. She offers different types of classes & packages to make your Pilates practice what you want. I would definitely recommend Yvonne Bray for your next Pilates experience!” –Grace McDonald, Registered Marriage & Family Therapist

  • “I took classes with Yvonne over the summer and was really pleased. I enjoyed being in a class with an instructor who is mature and knowledgeable. The studio is relaxing and private too. I sit all day long and work on computers, so this class was perfect for my issues. I also learned that I had super tight hamstrings. That explains a lot. Yvonne took the time in between classes to research movements to help with my specific shortcomings. It made a big difference in my daily state of health and being.” Thanks Yvonne, –Cathy

  • “Yvonne, You inspired me to get healthy through pilates. Your caring nature and your dedication to your craft was evident during our sessions. I felt secure with your knowledge and I always left our class feeling energized and stress free. I am so thrilled to see your amazing studio and wish you all the best for success in your future. Wish I was closer!” –Donna from Ontario

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