Our bodies change as a result of what we do every day and the aging process. It is important to know if your exercise program is safe for you personally. Where there is a muscle imbalance, it will not help you to perform a standardized routine in a “one size fits all class” and it may result in injury.

Benefits of personally designed programs:

Safe exercise – programs designed for you personally

Undivided attention to your posture, gait and performance

Learn at your own pace

Plan appointments to suit your schedule and life

As you improve, your program changes to continually build your strength and flexibility. This achieves optimal personal results as opposed to a group approach.

Pacific Spirit Pilates provides a holistic health solution to the on-going problem of continual visits to treatment practitioners for recurring painful physical issues.

Pilates Duet Class Reformer

Our clients:

Build on-going physical well-being, flexibility, strength and balance,

Learn to move correctly before going to the next level,

Reach goals with knowledge and support that keeps them motivated,

Report improved sleep and decreases in stress and pain,

Thrive in an environment of empathy, encouragement and camaraderie,

Become proactive in recovery by learning to self-manage.

Benefits of PilatesPlease check our blog for upcoming articles regarding how Pilates helps with many common physical issues and diseases including but not limited to:

Neck and back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, fibromyalgia and polymyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, shoulder impingement/tendonitis, total knee/hip replacements, hip, knee, ankle and foot conditions, postural deviations and muscle imbalances.