Clinical Pilates Services, Pilates and Physiotherapy

Clinical Pilates Services

Pacific Spirit Pilates appeals to people who prefer to do Pilates exercise in a smaller environment with more hands-on teaching, whether you have musculoskeletal problems which require a clinical Pilates approach or are just looking to strengthen your body and be proactive in preventing injury. While all age groups benefit from our approach, we also provide a unique service tailored for the over 45 age population.

We address each client personally in private, one-on-one sessions and/or in semi-private and small group classes in an environment where you never feel uncomfortable.

Physiotherapy (McKenzie Method) is a service that is provided in studio for those requiring it.

We endeavour to help you progress from the treatment stage with Clinical Pilates utilizing Pilates equipment and Pilates mat exercises and ultimately to teach you self-management. If you do not self-manage well, small group classes on equipment and mat with small apparatus are available in the studio. See our list of services: Clinical Pilates, Pilates Equipment, Pilates Mat and Physiotherapy.

Benefits of our method and approach include Core Strength, Optimal Posture and Gait, Safe and effective exercise for all ages, Rehabilitation of muscle imbalances, Restoration of function and range of motion, Prevention of future injuries and recurring pain, Improvement in flexibility, Professionally guided home exercise plans, Relief from stress and muscular/joint problems, Integrated approach with other practitioners when needed and desired

End the treatment treadmill for pain. Make a lifestyle change resulting in physical well-being and a balanced body as you age.


At Pacific Spirit Pilates, our mission is to make Pilates accessible to the baby boomer and senior population by providing a unique demographic focus in the Pilates industry:  a Pilates practice whose focus addresses each client personally in private, one-on-one sessions and/or in semi-private and small group classes in a peer group environment.

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